Planet Drugs Direct

Planet Drugs Direct (PDD) is a successful online pharmaceutical e-commerce site consisting of a global network of chemists, doctor and shipping providers.

The PDD platform manages customer orders & prescriptions, billing, customer service & reporting as well as management of the content & product catalog.


Software Developer

I was engaged by Evolutia to assist in backlog management, by fixing outstanding issues and developing priority new features. I was also responsible for designing & implementing a testing layer for the platform's back-end infrastructure.


The pharmaceutical industry is especially competitive and challenging, yet we maintained the health of the server and released changes at a high pace. I built a new high-performance large image storage service and also wrote 1000+ unit tests to bring code coverage from zero to 100%.


SQL Server 2008
NUnit & NMoq

Note: Planet Drugs Direct has since been acquired and has undergone several changes.