Design District Helsinki (DDH) is community of designers, artists and craftsmen in central Helsinki who collaborate and host local events to promote their works.

Design District 2025

In collaboration Booncon Pixels, DDH approached the International Design Business Management (IDBM) Program to generate concepts representing the future of the district over the next decade.


The project focused on mass idea generation and field work throughout a two week period. My team focused on helping the Art Galleries & Museums surface in the design community.

We determined that the galleries and museums of the district did not have a clear role in the design community and pondered the question of 'art vs design'.

We performed rapid ideation, assumption reversal and used valuation matrix to focus our idea: to build an educational experience that reveals the intent, skills & craftsmanship behind the pieces.

Meanwhile, the class distributed side responsibilities for a process that would merge the combined efforts of each team into final deliverables.


We hosted a guided walk-through exhibition at Päivälehden Museo to demonstrate our final concepts. Guests were taken on a choreographed tour of the ideas and given the opportunity to interact with them. Finally, a concept book detailing all ideas and insights was awarded to the Design District.

The event was very well received and we were also invited to present our ideas to the board.


The project involved the entire IDBM class. 50 students with different cultural and professional backgrounds worked in 14 teams, focused on varying physical or virtual aspects of the DDH community.


Team lead & facilitator
Speaker & MC

As well as facilitating my own team through guided ideation, I took the lead in organizing the class' overall effort to combine each team's outcome into a concrete set of deliverables. 

I was MC for the final presentation at Päivälehden Museo and main speaker when we were asked to present again to the board of directors.