Mirö (2017)

As a part of the International Design Business Management (IDBM) program at Aalto University we were tasked with development of a new product concept as a part of the Interdisciplinary Product Development course. The result was Mirö - a smart bathroom mirror overlay that helps you make and break habits day by day.


We decided to focus our design research on behavioural psychology and rapidly became fascinated with the idea that making and breaking a habit takes 28 days.

We would design a product that coached people to reprogram their habits and effect meaningful, long-lasting change in their lives.


We began by identifying a set of habits that we personally would like to change, and created a timeline of events where these habits had an impact in daily routine.

With a detailed user story, we searched for touch points where interaction could occur on a daily basis and found one - the bathroom. Every day, morning and night.

Looking for the right context for introspection, we conducted roleplaying and walk-throughs and zeroed in on a significant UX opportunity - the individual’s time with their own reflection in the bathroom mirror.

From here we designed a product and selected technology to create a habit tracking over-mirror display with touch-free interaction and facial recognition.

We created wireframes and high-fidelity mockups to detail the UX on the mirror and mobile app and also a corresponding brand identity, to communicate mirö as a persona that projects relatability through vulnerability.


I worked closely with energetic designer and strategist Michelle Belgrod.


Team lead & pitching
Service design

I worked closely with Michelle and led us through several design instruments to formulate a product proposal. I created wireframes, evaluated the brand’s fit with customer segments and presented the final concept to the panel of judges.

You bravely limited the amount of fuctions to support your core idea. Which makes your concept different from what we usually do with mobile phones.
— Heli Säde, Co-founder SADE Innovations, Lecturer at Aalto University


The project received outstanding praise from a panel of judges for its comprehensive consideration of brand, product and business model.

Beautiful slides, nice mirö branding with full visual identity. Package details and graphics. Good work. I still get smile on my face: The bathroom mirror + self improvement : ) I do need Mirö.
— Heli Säde, Co-founder SADE Innovations, Lecturer at Aalto University